A Malaysian newspaper covers a consolidation effort, bringing together Exchange, Qmail, Domino, and other e-mail systems into a single, consolidated Lotus Domino environment.  The customer now looks forward to Notes 8:

"Lotus Notes is an excellent productivity tool and it allows us to build various value-adding applications, including specific approval workflows for the operations and the management in most of our 35 country operations," added Maushake.

More recently IBM provided the organisation with an installation of IBM Lotus Notes and Domino V8 software through a beta test program. With the testing opportunities offered through the beta test program, DKSH was able to position themselves as early adopters of the leading-edge Lotus technologies.

"The redesigned and much more user-friendly Lotus Notes front-end and the versatile sidebar with the enhanced same-time integration will improve our overall productivity and will bring the user satisfaction to a new level. It also has the potential to become our primary workplace which includes access to all relevant information systems within DKSH," said Maushake.
Link: New Straits Times: Developing apps on demand >

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