New York user group meeting

October 18 2006

About 30 customers/partners at this morning's user group meeting in New York.  I only learned a few days ago that there is another Lotus-related event going on in NYC tomorrow, so we might have had a little bit of event fatigue.  But if you didn't make it and you are in this area, I'd be interested in feedback (here or via e-mail) on why you weren't able to join us.

Still, some very good discussion.  While my presentation was along similar lines as those of the last few user groups, I have an updated Notes "Hannover" build that demos even better.  The mail and calendaring features are shaping up to have a real "wow" factor, along with simple things like the persistent, context-sensitive search bar and the cleaner UI and updated icons in areas like calendaring.  All those usability tests and design reviews are already paying off, and we haven't quite gone to beta yet.

My colleagues Rob Fichtel and Wayne Smith did an excellent Sametime 7.5 deep dive after my Notes/Domino update.  I was also pleased that I was able to kick off my presentation highlighting the positive results for the Lotus business this year, and finding that a larger percentage of those present were using ND7 than have been at my other user group meetings of late.

Tomorrow I have another customer meeting (almost one a day during Q4, it seems) and then things should start to normalize for a few days before the next trip to Europe nine days out.  Onward....

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