I have a new-found respect for the Lotusphere keynote/opening general session team.  Today, our "casting call" was at 6:30 AM (I might, perhaps, possibly have arrived more like 6:45).  I was told, oh, that's nothing, for Lotusphere it is more like 5 AM!  Wow!

In a 2+ hour keynote, there was a lot of news.  In addition to the Lotus Symphony announcement and the news that a sustained line-of-business advertising campaign for Notes 8 has begun, there was other news:

  • Announcement of IBM's Applications on Demand service for Lotus Notes.  This is a pay-as-you-go service offering for Notes messaging, which Mike Rhodin indicated is priced between US$5 - $10 per user per month. I've been working with the AoD team as this offer gets going, and found that they have a lot of flexibility around what services to offer and at what price points.
  • Announcement of Notes/Domino 8.0.1.  I'll post a separate blog entry with the feature list from this announcement, planned for availability in Q1, 2008.
  • Announcement of a new Domino Web Access lightweight mode, a very fast and lightweight UI for DWA coming in 8.0.1.
  • Announcement of Notes Traveler, a new feature of Domino 8.0.1 to support push mail to Windows Mobile devices at no additional cost.  This announcement was in addition to the existing partnerships with RIM, Nokia, Motorola's Good Technology, CommonTime, iAnywhere, and Visto.
  • Announcement of Quickr 8.1, a 2008 release including a connector for Notes 8, a connector for Microsoft Outlook, performance and usability improvments, personal file sharing services, and enablers for integration with enterprise content management systems.
  • Announcement of a new product, the Quickr Content Integrator, designed to bring content from a variety of IBM and non-IBM content repositories into the Quickr environment with no customization required.
  • Announcement of Lotus Forms 3.0, a updated version of the product which includes a zero-footprint web-based filler.

Press releases are now posted on ibm.com, including:
Customer Success and Industry Recognition Fuel Market Adoption of IBM Collaborative Technologies
IBM Unveils Next Generation Collaboration Software Suite
IBM Releases Office Desktop Software at No Charge to Foster Collaboration and Innovation

It was a lot of fun to work with the team putting together this keynote, held inside the Hayden Planetarium itself.  Special thanks to Forrester's Erica Driver for both her excellent "vision" presentation as well as moderating our customer panel.

The event is still in-progress, so I'll write more a bit later today, as well as post some pictures.

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