This morning at Impact 2013, IBM has announced several updates to our MobileFirst initiative.

The first is the announcement of IBM MessageSight, a high-volume transactional message delivery appliance, designed to enable/accelerate M2M (machine-to-machine) communications for the Internet of Things. Here at Impact, as discussed in a recent New York Times article, one of the key examples of how MessageSight manifests is in the connected car.

In the Focus Electric car, he said, Ford wants to get continual, detailed sensor data on the state and performance of the vehicle’s electric battery, then feed that information into product development.

And drivers, Mr. Sankaran said, seek to do more things while in their cars. A stock trader, for example, might want to continue trading from the road. If the trader sent in an order to sell 30,000 shares of Apple, he said, that transaction must be reliably and securely communicated.

“You need an advanced messaging engine for these kinds of services,” Mr. Sankaran said.

The second announcement area, which will be the focus more of tomorrow's Mobile keynote, is an update to the IBM MobileFirst platform, featuring Worklight 6.0. Worklight 6, to be released later this quarter, enhances the mobile enterprise application platform by adding low-impact geolocation services, integrated functional test capabilities, integrated mobile analytics, app templates, and, for business partners, a new IBM ASL-based licensing model that significantly lowers the entry point, especially for B2E/B2B apps.

The third announcement area is the unveiling of a mobile cloud services strategy. Clearly, cloud delivery is a critical approach to quickly deploying mobile apps. IBM's mobile cloud services approach is to provide an infrastructure for rapid, lightweight app deployment. The proof point being highlighted here at Impact is a new passes application, which allows the rapid development of Apple iOS Passbook cards. Other similar point solution approaches will be added. This all complements IBM's services offerings which offer hosting and delivery of mobile applications, mobile device management (as Chris Pepin discusses here), and security services.

Also: New IBM Op-Ad in the Wall Street Journal today: Mobile isn't a device. It's Data.

There are many more announcements and new products for IBM MobileFirst being highlighted here at Impact, with over 100 sessions total and workshops, a hackathon, and partner showcase. Are you at Impact? Tweet me up and let's talk mobile.

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