A bunch of news coverage has hit in the last couple of days around Notes/Domino 8 ship...

IT Jungle: Notes/Domino 8 Hits the Streets:

At IBM Lotus, the introduction of Notes/Domino 8 last Friday was a huge step into the future. More than at any time in recent memory, Notes has taken off its old coat and put on something fashionable. Actually it's more than high fashion. It's highly functional, too. These days it pays to be smart as well as look smart.

Although Lotus has been developing collaboration tools for the Notes environment for years, this is the first evolution of Notes that neatly packages Web 2.0-style collaboration with composite application capabilities and lets it all ride on an open source Eclipse-based environment. In short, it's never been more of a threat to a Microsoft since the days when that company claimed the top position in the e-mail and collaboration market. Notes 8 makes Lotus not only a cost-wise competitor, but an innovator in many areas as well.
Network World:  Lotus ships Notes/Domino 8:
The Notes 8 client is the first Notes managed client to be built on Lotus Expeditor, formerly called the Workplace Client Technology, and Eclipse, which lets Notes 8 act as a client for XML-based services, composite applications that combine such services, and applications that incorporate XML-based interfaces.

The client is where users can pull together collaboration and content services, real-time communication, syndication feeds and document authoring tools, including support for the Open Document Format.
ChannelWeb: After A Long Wait, IBM Ships Notes/Domino 8:
We have a bunch of customers that are already working on production applications based on the beta code," said John Head, framework manager with PSC Group, a Schaumburg, Ill., solution provider and Notes/Domino reseller. Release 8 "is a big deal for us," he said, noting that the software runs on Windows and Linux and, through its Eclipse-based programming model, offers the ability to create composite "mashup" applications.

The software also offers a completely new look and feel. "I think the whole user interface overhaul is going to really help with customer adoption," Head added.
TheStreet.com: IBM Positions Lotus Notes for Growth (thanks, Daz):
IBM is taking a page from social networking Web sites.  The latest version of Lotus Notes, IBM's legacy suite of business programs, has instant messaging, blogging capabilities and other features modeled on sites such as Facebook and News Corp.'s MySpace. ...

For the new version of Lotus Notes, IBM's sales pitch is simple: Employees will be more productive if business programs include features that have become popular for making friends on the Internet
Oh and one more...ZDNet Australia: Notes 8.0: clunky, but clever:
The New Zealand Ministry of Health has been trialling the product for six months, running the beta version of the productivity suite on Windows 2003 server and Windows XP clients.

Rachael Trudgeon, team leader of corporate applications at the agency says version 8.0 is "one hundred times better" than their current productivity platform, Lotus Notes Version 6.5.

"The user interface for clients is brilliant," she said. "It makes all the tools very accessible."

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