Nice coverage in the mainstream media, in this case, a New York newspaper...

The interface may be good enough to pacify picky Mac users in mixed computing shops - I sure wouldn't try to foist Open Office on them. IBM has edited out some of the more obscure features of Open Office and left the important ones. Added is a properties box on the right-hand side of the screen that lets you adjust the usual stuff - font sizes and colors, alignment, etc. Another feature that makes sense for cross platform use: All open documents, including a lightweight Web browser, are accessible from tabs within the program, as opposed to discreet windows. Thus, you can pretty much ignore the operating system if you wish, though it would be nice to be able to install non-IBM applications to use the tabbing system.

Does it have all of the features you need? Probably for 90 percent of users, and only you can figure out if something critical is missing. I'm going to stick with it at least until the final version 3.0 of Open Office comes out.
Link: Newsday: New open source Lotus Symphony poised for success > (Thanks, Jim)

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