New Wheels

November 21 2004

Now, know anyone who would like to buy a low miles 1996 BMW 318ti? :)

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  1. 1  ports  |

    There is a good review - on Woman (snigger){ Link }

  1. 2  Angel Figueroa |


    I know that you are going to love this car ( if you don't already ). I've had mine since May ( Color: Diamond Graphite ). It is extremely fun to drive.

    When we went to test drive it, my wife and I had decided on the car for the most part. But when the sales consultant turned on the car and I heard the 'growl' of the engine, oh mama, I was sold at that point.

    BTW: Did you get the Technology Package?

    Take Care, see you at Lotusphere, are you going to drive it to the conference :-) .


  1. 3  Angel Figueroa |

    Oh and I forgot, watch your speed. I got a ticket for doing 90 on the Florida Turnpike.

    The ride is very smooth even at that speed. I didn't notice how fast I was going until I had passed the trooper on the side of the highway.

  1. 4  Mike Lazar  |

    The 35, Ed? Come on, where's your sense of fun? I love my i35. Infiniti has been fabulous to me. I've had nary a problem in my 4 years of ownership or so. New tires, rear brakes, and standard maintenance for the most part. I had one issue where it would stall out after idling for a little while (at about 55k miles). Took it in and it was good as new. One medium repair in 4 years is a pretty good track record, IMO.

  1. 5  mugadafino  |

    what did you promise your wife to let you have that ?

  1. 6  Wild Bill |


    ----* Bill

  1. 7  Ed Brill |

    @2/3 Angel - I considered diamond graphite, it does look nice (as does silver). I basically went in with an attitude of "anything but that puke copper color". Did not get the technology package - very few available with that package at the moment. And yes, it's pretty smooth - but I haven't hit 90 mph (yet!).

    @4 Mike - Not sure if your first question is in jest or a question of "why not the 45"... answer there was simply price/performance. I'm not going to be towing a boat anytime soon, so that extra HP won't do me too much good. As for Infiniti reliability, that's good to hear. I haven't had a Japanese car in ten years, but this one felt right after looking at several Japanese, German, and even a domestic option.

    @5 - to pay for it ;)

    @6 - Bill, you've heard my one and only two-wheel-motorised-travel story, right? Not likely again anytime soon.

  1. 8  Thom Rosario  |

    Nice choice! I just picked up a Diamond Graphite G35 coupe :D

    The engine is *quite* nice, and the ride -- amazing! It's a liiiittle bit rough (really rough on DC roads), but that's because I have the sport package.

    So far I only have 3700 miles on the odometer, so I can't really talk about reliability, but I don't expect any problems. I considered the FX, but the wife just got a Touareg, so we had "utility" covered, freeing me up to be a little irresponsible :D

  1. 9  Rick Riensche  |

    OOOOH that's purty! I'll tell you what - I'll take that 318ti off your hands for you; will trade you straight across for a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 167k miles on it. :)

  1. 10  Ed Brill |

    @8 - the FX35 has the sport package -- 20" wheels, which look almost cartoonishly big, and a sport-tuned suspension. I really wouldn't have it any other way, after having driven two German cars for the last several years...road feel is GOOD.

    John Head ({ Link } ) has a G35 coupe as has provided some interesting experiences for him for sure.

    I considered the Touareg... the low gas mileage turned me off a bit, as did the console with the million buttons. Your wife must be the gadget freak in the house :)

    @9 Rick -uh, thanks but no thanks. I had a '92 Eclipse, first car I ever bought and did love it in its day... ah well.

  1. 11  Mike Lazar  |

    Ed -- When it comes to HP, bigger is always better...that's the American motto! I have to agree with the 20"s. I like them, but they would look better if they were a slimmer profile tire. I'd love to hear the bill for that tire replacement in 3 years! Do enjoy it. The engine (in my car, the G35, and yours) is fantastic.