As one trip concludes, it's time to start looking ahead to the next.  My upcoming visit to Europe will be the week of March 16.  On the 17th, I am at a Lotusphere Comes to You in Ã…rhus, Denmark in the morning, sponsored by INOPI.  In the evening, I'll be in Copenhagen meeting with the NotesNet.DK community.  On the 18th, another Lotusphere Comes to You event takes place in Copenhagen, again sponsored by INOPI.

There are actually two sets of LCTYs in these Danish cities in March.  On March 4 and 5, IBM-sponsored events in those cities feature a keynote from Mary Beth Raven.  These IBM events will be technical deep-dives.  The INOPI-hosted events that I will be speaking at are more geared to a business-level discussion, though of course I will be talking about new features and benefits in Notes 8.5 and beyond.

On March 19, I make my way to Brussels for the inaugural Belux Lotus User Group (BLUG) meeting.  


My hosts for this meeting have taken to calling it "Mussels in Brussels" because I've never spent any time in Belgium (other than a drive-through a few years back), and of course I'll be checking out the local cuisine and some of the interesting local brews.  It will be great to meet so many new people at these events.

I have the morning of March 20th potentially available (yes, I'm availablogging again) if someone knows of a worthwhile customer meeting or event, though I want to make it back to the US on the evening of the 20th.  That, unfortunately, precludes a drop-in at the LCTY in Lisbon...

March 26th, we're just in the formative stages but I'll be keynoting a Lotusphere Comes to You in Nashville, Tennessee, hosted by Simplified Technology Solutions.  Details on where/when are still TBD, but if you are interested, let me know via mail/comment.

Beyond that, I've signed up for three of the IBM Lotusphere Comes to You events in April in North America.  On April 9, I'll be in Chicago (imagine that), and then Columbus, Ohio on the 28th of April and Toronto, Canada on the 29th.  

Many more LCTY dates have been announced in the last few weeks, so check full details on Lotusphere Comes to You >

Update: It also looks like I will be speaking at a Norwegian users group meeting in late May...too far away from today's date for details, but another exciting event.  Thank you to Roger for being patient with my schedule!

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