We're only three weeks away from Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, running May 3 to 6 at the Moscone Center.  I will be at the conference as a result of my participation on the conference advisory board, and plan to be in sessions and at the IBM booth in the expo itself.

Working on the conference session selection was interesting.  I have been part of the conference team for Lotusphere for many years, but at least for Lotusphere, I know the topics and/or proposed presenters already.  Here, I waded into nearly 1000 proposals which ran the gamut -- pure sales pitches, consultants looking for airtime, deeply esoteric technical topics, and mainstream, relevant sessions.  There was no way to sound off on all the proposals, but the advisory board was large enough that most of the sessions got at least a good look.  I had hoped to get a few more sessions that I thought were relevant to the enterprise on the agenda, but at least there are some.

At any rate, since this is a new conference and audience for me, I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of people outside the yellowverse.  The conference online system is actually designed to facilitate this -- you can set up contacts in the freely-viewable attendee directory, and even flag anyone as "someone you'd like to meet".  

So, if you are attending Web 2.0 Expo and want to get together, let me know.  That link seems to work really well, and you can even use an online scheduling capability for setting up dates/times.  Otherwise, if you are in the Bay Area that week, related to the conference or no, let me know what's up.  Should be a very productive, and horizon-broadening, experience.

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