Some updates to my calendar for next week... seems like we've got a lot of attention going into Denmark, with Mary Beth just having visited, my trip next week, and an April stop that Andre Guirard just blogged about.  My visit next week is two-fold -- a Lotusphere Comes to You in Copenhagen, sponsored by INOPI, on March 18, and a visit with NotesNet.DK in Allerød on Tuesday evening, March 17.  The INOPI event was just combined and moved, so if you were planning on either of their originally planned events, you should check INOPI's website for updates on location and details.

On Thursday, I'll be at the kick-off of the Belgian Lotus User Group BLUG in Brussels.  I'll both deliver a Lotus strategy keynote and a Notes/Domino session at the event.  This is really my first visit to Belgium so I'm looking forward to the event.

My schedule beyond next week is changing rapidly around more Lotusphere Comes to You events in Chicago, Columbus, Toronto, and Nashville, and user groups in Boston and a new user group in New York City, hopefully on April 23 (more details coming soon, but check with Jim Casale's blog for discussion).  I'll keep updating here and on as events solidify...

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