The marketing team did a great job with today's Lotus Collaboration Summit event in Chicago.  Navy Pier was a surprising choice for an event like this, but other than being at the far end of the convention center, and the crew in the next room using mechanical equipment to set up another conference while I was speaking, it worked very well.  What I especially liked is that there seemed to be a lot of new faces and companies represented amongst the 200+ attendees, with some long-time friends and family in the mix for good measure.

My presentation was 90% the same as what I delivered at UKLUG a couple of weeks ago.  I added a few slides from a separate presentation on Lotus's commitment to "green" computing, which couldn't be delivered separately today (as intended) due to time constraints.  The Q&A was good, and I was pleased to see the level of interest in Lotus Symphony specifically.

After my presentation, I took a seat off to the side of the room to answer a few e-mails before driving home.  The event ended a few minutes later.  Upon adjournment, a man I've never met came over and introduced himself.  He said to me, "it's always a pleasure to hear you speak."

It's always a pleasure to be speaking to customers, so the feeling is mutual.  Thank you all for listening, discussing, questioning, and inspiring.

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