Two blog entries that several of you have seen, but more input would be welcome...

Niklas Heidloff, "Feedback needed: Open catalogs for Lotus Notes/Domino applications ":

I'm convinced that public and open catalogs help our community and all of us to succeed. Very often people implement useful and cool things that they or their company cannot or don't want to make money with. Many other people could benefit from these things if there were easy ways to share them.
Niklas touches on a few different types of catalogs...and in the end, I think we need multiple approaches.  None of what we really want to do is met fully in the market today, but Niklas is brainstorming on some key ways to address the notion of code and sample application distribution.

Related, we have Steve Castledine, "Lotus Notes Domino templates and open source":
So I'm asking an open question really on people's thoughts on the current templates and how we could best improve on them, and at the same time use them to promote additional development on the Notes/Domino platform especially around the new technologies. These opinions I can then capture and see if there is any opportunities to enhance the template world we live in by using this data to present an internal report.
We've had this template discussion from time to time on my blog as well.  Steve's first question, about the supportability level required for templates, is one that we've been examining on the product management team as well.  My assertion and desire is that we should provide more templates that are functional solutions, but that they do not necessarily need to be fully supported.  If they are sandboxed with open design, then anyone can update or modify them to add or change functionality.  Obviously, supported = better, but Steve also raises the question of when too many templates would get into a channel conflict stance versus our partner community.

Great discussions on both sites, but there's the opportunity for more voices on both.

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