Niklas and team are authoring a blog about composite applications on IBM developerworks, and today's posting is a great overview of the technical benefit of the Notes 8 composite applications model:

I think that composite applications have the potential to significantly change the way customers, ISVs, system integrators and business partners make business. For example BPs could much easier re-use the same components in different applications for different customers. Some ISVs can focus on building components instead of complete solutions. Customers could have much more flexibility when choosing third parties to build their applications. Some higher skilled customers will be able to extend a CA and improve an already existing solution without having to request simple changes from ISVs. ISVs can focus on developing components and new CAs instead of having to make every change for a customer. Some customers will also feel more empowered by their ability to customize and extend CAs. Advanced LOB users can assemble and extend CAs without requiring developers to make every change and understand every detail of the solution or process.
Go read Niklas' full entry.

Link: Niklas Heidloff: Benefits and Advantages of Composite Applications in Lotus Notes 8 >

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