No Jitter is a CMP publication examining the unified communications market... every time I hear that title, I am instantly yanked back 20 years to the days when I was an active ham radio operator and understood all the physics...anyway.

Brent Kelly did a lengthy side-by-side of Lotus Sametime and MS Office Communications Server a few days ago.  I am impressed at the depth both products have on paper, honestly.  There has been leaps-and-bounds growth in this market space over the last few years, and I'm proud of what the Sametime team at Lotus has done to expand the product beyond business chat, presence, and web meetings.  It's also great to see that recognized:

While Microsoft's approach to unified communications could be described as person-centric, IBM Lotus seems to be approaching UC from more of a systems and platform standpoint. IBM Lotus's philosophy is that organizations embrace openness and that they work in heterogeneous environments, preferring best-of-breed systems and capabilities from a number of different vendors. Thus, IBM Lotus' unified communications strategy is supported by two fundamental pillars:

* Providing an open and extensible platform that integrates presence, IM, unified messaging, web, voice, video, and telephony across multi-vendor operating environments and LDAP directories.

* Integrating these capabilities together and leveraging them within business processes to create competitive advantage and reduce business latency.
Well worth reading the full report.

Link: No Jitter: Choices in Unified Communications: Comparing Microsoft OCS 2007 to IBM Lotus Sametime 8.0 > (Thanks, Vincent, Tim, Carl, and others...)

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