Not shrugging at Atlas

December 18 2007

News from the Lotus Connections team...

IBM announced the availability today of a new corporate social networking visualization and analysis tool aimed at helping users better navigate their personal and corporate social networks.

IBM's Atlas for Lotus Connections will allow users to identify key experts in a company on specific topics, see how those people are connected and allow employees to seek new contacts through those they have already connected to in the Lotus Connections social networks, IBM said. Atlas is designed to work with Lotus Connections, a set of tools to build social networks that IBM launched in June.
Pretty cool stuff.  I poked around with the internal implementation yesterday, and when I searched for experts, for example, I was able to find a convenient partner in my network...

Image:Not shrugging at Atlas

Perhaps more interesting is the visualization of an expertise network around "Lotus Notes"...that's me in the red box...

Image:Not shrugging at Atlas

More details on Atlas are available in the IBM press release as well as on the Connections team blog.
Media coverage...
Computerworld: IBM's Atlas adds visualization tools to social networks at work >  (Quoted above)
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