Notes 8 is feeding my blog

December 4 2006

A couple of weeks ago, Mary Beth Raven previewed the Notes 8 sidebar feature.  This was probably the first place IBM publicly noted that the Notes 8 client will include an RSS feed subscription capability.  In her entry, Mary Beth noted that for beta, there are a few Notes-related feeds pre-populated.  I've just started exploring this feature today, reminded to check it out both by co-presenting with Mary Beth last week at Admin/Developer 2006 Europe and also by the 40% increase in RSS traffic my blog has had since beta 1 was released.

I've floated my sideshelf to snap this picture:

Image:Notes 8 is feeding my blog

So the default feeds in the reader in Notes 8 beta 1 are,,,, and Mary Beth's blog. By default, these blogs are polled hourly for updates.  Double-clicking any of the entries opens an embedded browser (the default setting) inside the Notes 8 client:

Image:Notes 8 is feeding my blog

I had already been using the Notes client as my RSS reader, having used madicon's RSS reader for quite some time.  It's a natural fit in the notion of "contextual collaboration", and I'm really digging having it in the Notes 8 sidebar -- a clear example of the kind of "peripheral vision" that is most useful during my other use of Notes.

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