Volker has a short entry at vowe.net featuring the announcement of the Notes/Domino 8 launch event in Germany, taking place on 24 October.  He asks a reasonable question -- if the launch event is in October, when is the product launching?

Well, I can't answer that yet.  The announced ship date is "mid-2007".  The launch events that have been scheduled already, though, are later than most would consider "mid-year".  Simple reason -- summertime IT events draw relatively few participants in both North America and in Europe.  So, Germany is 24 October, Milan is 8 October,   No, I don't know all 200+ launch event dates yet...I was surprised to learn that many have been set already.  But don't infer too much from October event dates -- just keep providing all that quality beta feedback, and we'll get the product out the door as soon as it is ready.

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