Since the release of Notes 8, one of the most common topics of discussion for the Lotus team is the Notes 8 client performance.  We've discussed it before here on the blog, a few times, and in other blogs and forums.  There are a number of tips and anecdotes out in the market, including the discovery that some types of security/anti-virus software can seriously impact the Notes 8 client.  As Notes 8 deployments have accelerated since the 8.0.1 release, more questions have come in about performance.  So, here's an update.

The development team has been aggressively working on performance improvements.  Some were in 8.0.1, and I've seen a number of comments about the improvement versus 8.0.  Still, two focus areas -- launch/load time and memory footprint -- continue to be raised by customers.  For both areas, development has targeted improvement for both areas.  In early builds, we're seeing significant improvement, with both warm and cold start significantly faster, and a memory footprint working set reduction to the neighborhood of 250 MB

Development is also working closely with a "focus group" of customers, partners, and intenal IBMers to continue to gather data on areas to address and improvements from build to build in the 8.0.2 pre-beta.  Some of this data will, of course, go into work beyond 8.0.2 as well, with the objective really being one of continuous improvement.

The 8.0.2 release is planned for Q3 2008 -- can't be more specific than that, yet.

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