One of the Lotus IT Specialists sent me a note last week, describing a Notes 8 presentation she gave.  She was at one of our top customers, and was presenting about Notes 8 for the first time to a group of line-of-business end-users.  Her initial slide was

Image:Notes 8 user interface: first impressions count
and she asked the audience to vote.  

I found the results rather interesting.  54% identified the Notes 8 client (on the left).  That's only slightly better than other words, it was difficult for a group of end-users to tell the difference.

This is a good thing, in my opinion.  Notes 8 is not designed to be an "Outlook clone", and the Notes 8 value proposition is about a lot more than e-mail.  But if users are comfortable with Notes 8 at first glance, it will only get better with time and experience.

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