Notes 8.0.2 beta 2

July 19 2008

Just before heading out for O'Hare, I had the chance to upgrade to Notes 8.0.2 beta 2.  Zoom!  I am definitely impressed at the faster responsiveness of the Notes client (standard configuration). For example, my calendar is painting instantaneously when switching views...that was definitely not happening in 8.0.1.

Image:Notes 8.0.2 beta 2

As a reminder, two focus areas for our performance team in 8.0.2 are launch/load time and also memory footprint.  In terms of startup time, my warm boot time was under 20 seconds, with six tabs opening in the client as I started up.  In terms of Notes-related processes in memory right now, things are speeding along with a svelte 155 MB consumed by eclipse.exe, nlnotes.exe, ntaskldr.exe, notes2w.exe, and java.exe.  Color me impressed, especially since at the moment, Firefox is consuming twice that memory, all by itself....

A few of the changes made to zoom things along are visible to the end user.  First, a progress meter is now visible in the splash screen:

Image:Notes 8.0.2 beta 2

Second, the startup sequence has been optimized.  I was prompted for my Notes password less than five seconds into startup,  The client continued to load while I entered the password, making the time from that click to being in a usable state a whole lot shorter.  

Last, not everything Notes uses is loaded into memory straightaway.  You'll notice I didn't include soffice.exe in those memory figures.  I haven't loaded any of the Symphony productivity editors yet, so no tasks associated with them are running.  Once I did launch a spreadsheet, soffice.exe came into memory, using less than 14 MB, and loading in less than 15 seconds.

Now, as we say state-side, "your mileage may vary".  My machine config is a Thinkpad T60, 2 GB RAM, Windows XP SP2.  It's not exactly a screamer, so I think the results here are reasonably indicative of the kinds of improvements you'll see when you get Notes 8.0.2.  

Release 8.0.2 of Notes/Domino is still on track for August (officially I believe I am supposed to say "Q3 2008").  If you are looking to try out 8.0.2 on the iNotes (formerly DWA) side in order to check out the experience on the Apple iPhone, you can do so on the Lotus Greenhouse.  And as I offered at beta 1, if you want access to the beta, send me e-mail @work... please include your "LDD ID".  I provided beta 1 access to over 50 people after my last blog entry...unfortunately, so far, none of the customers who were part of that group have come forward to be references for the improvements.  Perhaps after seeing how much better beta 2 is, someone's ready to be quoted in my 8.0.2 press release?
(Thank you to those business partners and consultants who have offered.... we will let you know....)

Update 4 August: As we are getting close to shipping, I can no longer add additional participants to the beta.

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