I've been meaning to blog about this for quite some time, because I think it's cool engineering and an important step for Notes that may have been mostly overlooked.

In Notes 8.5.1, we changed the client's spell check engine.  The new engine is also used by Symphony and Sametime.  It is based on IBM's own LanguageWare tools, and gives us a lot more flexibility.

A number of additional languages are available to plug into the new spell check engine.  Technote 1411732 explains how to find those and install them.  They are basically provisioned through the same approach as sidebar plug-ins and other updates to the Eclipse-based Notes 8 environment.

Almar Diehl saw the technote and suggested using the widget catalog as another way to distribute additional dictionaries.

Now that the new engine is in place, there is an opportunity to support many more local languages inside of Notes.  While it's true we won't be translating the whole UI, at least the editor will correctly spell check these additional languages.  For example, a business partner called Filosoft has built a spell check dictionary for Estonian.  Another business partner developed a spell check dictionary for Bahasa Malaysia.  

You can find more information on the new dictionaries in the developerWorks wiki.  Let me know if you know of additional languages and dictionaries that you're using with Notes 8.5.1.

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