The Notes performance team has published an updated whitepaper covering scalability of the Notes 8.5 client on the Citrix XenApp server....

This white paper provides an overview of, and recommendations for, how to get the most from your IBM® Lotus® Notes® client on the Citrix XenApp server. In particular, we show that, by tuning your environment so that you get the most from your applications, you can realize significant improvements in running the Lotus Notes client on XenApp. This is true for both the standard and the basic configurations of Lotus Notes.

Moreover, with the addition of 64-bit Citrix XenApp server support for the Lotus Notes client in 8.0.2, you can scale to even higher numbers--well over 100 users--at a much reduced cost. Also presented are the testing environment, tuning parameters, and the workflows that were executed to gather the scalability data using the 8.5 version of the Lotus Notes client.
Link: IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 on Citrix XenApp 4.5: A scalability analysis >

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