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Forbes, IBM Polishes Its Apple Offerings:

For the first time, IBM is eager to point out that new business-focused software will be released for Apple's operating system and the PC at the same time. Previous software versions had been published as late as a year after the Windows-compatible version. ...

But IBM's incremental concessions to Apple are a sign that the traditionally consumer-focused company is gaining a foothold in the business world, says Forrester analyst Ted Schadler. ... More interesting, he says, is IBM's vocal marketing of that effort at Apple's annual trade show, which he interprets as Big Blue's attempt to become more "device agnostic" than Microsoft, its largest competitor in the business software market.
Financial Times, Lotus Notes seeks Apple cool:
Lotus Notes, IBM's strait-laced enterprise email and collaboration software, donned a black turtleneck today with the launch of its first version for the Mac.

The announcement at Macworld was aimed at adding a little of Apple's nano-chromatic colour to what has been considered a grey product and at emphasising some unexpectedly  up-to-date features.

"Our reason for doing this at Macworld is to show that we can be part of a play in the enterprise that can be hip and cool," Ed Brill, Lotus's director or messaging and collaboration, told me.

Image:Notes at Macworld coverage in Forbes, Financial Times

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