Well that felt pretty good....yesterday's announcement of Lotus Notes for Linux seems to have created quite a buzz, both externally and inside IBM.  The blog got slashdotted again, though one of the links posted was to Notes "Hannover" screenshots as opposed to the 7.0.x work...ah well.  That actually seemed to be a common point of confusion yesterday -- the announcement is that Lotus Notes 7.0.1 will ship as a stand-alone client for Linux, but some of the quotes implied that somehow this is shipping a year early, leading to the conclusion that somehow IBM was releasing "Hannover" on Linux now.  What's early is the stand-alone nature (no separate license/install of the IBM Workplace managed client, no server-based provisioning required), but a Notes 7 client environment for Linux was always in the mid-2006 plan.

My "Lotus Notes" feed from Technorati was certainly busy all day.  What was interesting to me is the attitude of the Linux community that came through in blogs and discussion forums/talkbacks.  There was certainly a fair amount of positive commentary.  But on the negative side, the general themes were:

  • Great, now Linux users can suffer the horrible fate that is Notes -- with the usual trotting out of the Lotus Notes Sucks website, and, stunningly, even still links to the User Interface Hall of Shame (last covering Notes 4.6, and the company that created the site dot-bombed a long time ago!).
  • Why isn't it open source, everything on Linux needs to be open source
  • Well, I don't like Lotus Notes, but it's great news for Linux!
In some ways, the Linux community comments of today sound a lot like the Linux community comments in 1999, when IBM first shipped Domino on Linux, or like 2004 when Domino Web Access was first supported on Linux.  There's still a fair amount of zealotry, superiority, and defensiveness.  Do we (the Notes community) sound like that, too?

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