Damien Katz posted a follow-up to his comprehensive blog about the effort to rewrite the formula engine in Lotus Notes.  In the follow-up, he's mostly addressed comments left on his site, but some of the thoughts expressed here have been covered as well.  Good to see Damien sticking with it and taking trolls, admirers, and Ray Ozzie all in stride.
Anyway, in the comments on the follow-up thread, we get one of the (as always) anonymous trolls complaining about how Lotus Notes sucks.  This particular complaint says

if I accidentally cut and paste anything from Internet Explorer directly into a Notes 6.x email, it freezes up for (and I am not exaggerating here) nearly 60 seconds.
Ergo, Notes sucks.

I cut and paste from the browser to Notes all the time.  Now, I'm using Firefox exclusively (well, almost exclusively) these days, and I just tested this -- absolutely no delay in pasting from Firefox into Notes.  I loaded up IE and did the same thing with IE, and got about a one second delay.  Other times, the paste from IE takes no time at all.  

At any rate, the point is, Notes gets blamed for everything.  Network crash or congestion?  "Notes is slow".  Machine locks up?  "Notes crashed".  VPN or public wifi network configuration challenges?  "I can't use Notes when I try to work at Starbucks".

This isn't uniquely a Notes problem.  When I was in IT all those years ago, we'd routinely get helpdesk calls blaming the world's ills on cc:Mail.  Most of the time, cc:Mail wasn't the problem -- it was too (said with fond affection) brain-dead to have all the problems users ascribed to it.

What are the most oddball things you've had users blame on Notes?  Best three examples will show up in my other (jointly presented) Lotusphere session, "How to 'sell' Notes and Domino inside your organization".

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