On Friday, IBM released an updated 8.5.2 version of Notes Traveler server, with serviceability updates and one new feature -- partial wipe. This is:

By popular demand, the Lotus Notes Traveler team has added a data only wipe option for Apple devices in the and later releases. Previously, the only option for wipe of an Apple device was a full hard reset of the device. Many Administrators are not comfortable with hard resting a device that has been purchased by the end user. This feature will allow an Administrator or the end user to remove the Lotus Traveler data without hard resetting the device. As with a full wipe, the device will be denied access to the Lotus Traveler server until explicitly allowed.
The remainder of Notes Traveler is documented in the product wiki here.

We also released code drop 5 ("beta") of Notes/Domino 8.5.3, and the blogs are abuzz about the new release. Specifically with regards to Notes Traveler, Traveler 8.5.3 CD5 includes the following new features/enhancements:
  • Symbian^3 support
  • Symbian ^3 device encryption enforcement
  • Installation improvements for Lotus Notes Traveler client for Android
  • Name Lookup enhancements for Android
  • Updated Widgets for Android
  • Android chair side calendar actions
  • Android 3.0.x tablet menus
  • Multi-line signature now possible on Android
  • Mail routing configuration no longer needed on the Lotus Traveler server
  • Meeting notices sent from mobile devices are now sent "from" the mobile device user
  • Name Lookup requests are now executed against the user's mail server directory
  • Lotus Traveler data only remote wipe for Apple iOS devices
  • New security policy option which requires approval for new devices
  • Android Home Page Widgets for mail and calendar
  • Android Calendar enhancements
  • Android Tap to dial for calendar entries
  • Android Mail enhancements
  • Android OS 3.0 support
  • Select which applications are allowed to sync for Apple devices
  • Reply and Forward indicators from Apple devices
  • Domino Mail-in Database lookup
  • Group name lookup
  • Domino encrypted mail support for Android
Looks like the Traveler team has been busy yet again. What will they come up with next? High-availability? Password caching on iOS Traveler Companion? These things and more could be revealed soon...

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