I was happy to see some app store updates for my iPad last night, including the new 2.0 version of Lotus Notes Traveler Companion.  The new release provides several key enhancements, including the ability to compose encrypted Notes mail (as well as reply/forward), and native iPad (HD) screen support.  The team also took the time to ensure that the install and configuration are even more seamless; the configuration happens automatically when you first attempt to open an encrypted message, while the documentation as to what the app does and how it is configured on the server appears on first activation.  This should clear up a lot of confused end-users who went to the app store to try to get Notes support for their iPhone, only to find nothing there but Traveler Companion.  Now they have instructions as to what needs to be done at the back-end to enable iPhone/iPad support.

The Traveler team is pretty busy.  The client for Android should enter a broader public beta shortly, while the ship date has pushed back a month to December while we finalize some usability work on the beta.  Meanwhile, Traveler support was added to LotusLive Notes last month (iOS, Nokia Symbian, WinMo 6.x), and the Android client will be available for LotusLive Notes in Q1 2011.  There is also work underway beyond Notes Traveler itself, to bring more Lotus functionality to mobile devices natively in 2011.

I was at a customer meeting last week and over and over I heard it again -- "Traveler just works".  I continue to be impressed at how well-thought-out and engineered the Notes Traveler products are.  Nice to see the progress overall.
Image:Notes Traveler Companion 2.0 now available

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