Tons of really good coverage from yesterday's Notes/Domino 7 launch.  Note also that the new release is highlighted on the homepage. Big Blue bulks up email and server software:

Big Blue said that it's added more than 100 new features to the Notes client software, many of which are aimed specifically at managing large amounts of data coming into an inbox.

IBM said much of its work was aimed at improving the underlying server software that controls the performance of Notes. The update boasts new visual indicators to help people manage and organize messages, in addition to expanded group e-mail settings and new memory features for saving and opening various types of documents directly from Notes. IBM said it also broadened access across the system to the Notes instant-messaging client.

In Domino 7, IBM is touting increased capabilities for building new collaborative applications in Notes. As part of the undertaking, the company said, it upgraded the package's software development tool set to integrate better with businesses' Web services efforts around service-oriented architecture, or SOA. For example, the company said, a new feature in Domino 7 will allow developers to use the software as a "Web services host," for tools designed to expand on Notes' existing features.
CRN, IBM Trots Out New Domino/Notes, Collab Chief:
Jim Tieri, IT director for The Holland Co., Crete, Ill., said his company worked with partner The PSC Group to move from Exchange 5.5 to Domino. He cited security issues, support for remote users, and

"The key deciding point was the complexity of what it would take to go to new Microsoft technology and the myriad licensing [options] to do that. Just from the complexity standpoint, it was going to be huge. To go to Notes, I bought the server code, the client license and that was it," he noted.

Jim Vaselopoulos, vice president of PSC, Schaumburg, Ill, concurred. PSC partners with both Microsoft and IBM, but determines which messaging option to go with based on customer fit, he said.
InfoWorld, IBM ships Lotus Notes/Domino 7:
"I know there's a lot of speculation, mostly fueled by our competitors, that there's a major migration in the future for our Notes/Domino customers. Nothing could be further from the truth," said Mike Rhodin on a Wednesday conference call with the media. Rhodin took over in July as general manager of IBM's Workplace, portal and collaboration software.
"What you'll see in Hannover is a blending of Workplace technology and Notes technology that will allow our Notes customers to maintain their templates," Rhodin said. There will be no "rip-and-replace" upgrades, he pledged.
TechWeb, IBM delivers Notes/Domino 7:
Mike Rhodin, the general manager for IBM's Workplace group, took pains to guarantee that developers' work done today under Domino 7 will be usable years down the road. "Each step in the Notes and Domino roadmap will show more and more integration between Domino and Workplace," added Rhodin, "so that all Notes and Domino apps are protected without having to do any migration."

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