In no particular order....

Tagging:  It has been suggested that bloggers adopt the Technorati tag "notes8beta" for postings about the Notes/Domino 8 beta.  Seems like a good idea.

Reporting bugs:  In addition to the discussion in the Notes/Domino 8 public beta forum, there is a specific way to report beta software problems.  The full procedure is outlined here: Reporting Notes 8 beta issues and problems

Composite applications:  During today's Lotusphere Comes to You event in Wisconsin, I was asked about getting started with building Notes 8 composite applications.  Conveniently, several people have pointed me to the Composite Applications Tutorial and Documentation posted on developerWorks Lotus.  Hope the customer who was in Oshkosh checks here for that followup, b'gosh.

Download statistics:  Looking at today's mid-day stats, I'm totally blown away.  Thousands of individual downloaders -- numbers I've never seen for an initial 72-hour period.  We've had over 6000 successful Notes 8 beta 2 downloads already, plus over 2500 Domino 8 beta 2 downloads.  Interestingly, Linux is 15% of the overall client download number.  Wow wow wow.  

Of course, every number is a wow right now -- even the picture of Alexander Kluge's Notes 8 desktop that I linked last night has had 2000 hits.  And traffic is up.  

I wonder what will happen when IBM actually announces the public beta? Image:Notes/Domino 8 public beta - links, tags, stats

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