Clearly, the earlier-than-expected public posting of Notes/Domino 8 beta 2 was a hot ticket this weekend.  Even with the server overload on Saturday afternoon, I'm told the first 24 hours were "unprecedented" in the number of downloads  -- surprising to all, considering that it was competing with other IT challenges over the weekend.  

The activity didn't end after downloads.  The development team seemed to be working 24 hours a day -- improving bandwidth, answering beta forum postings, participating in the blogs.  A normal weekend day sees about 500 visitors to -- this weekend, it was 1500 each day.  There are already hundreds of postings in the beta feedback forum, dozens in the IBM internal "TAP" forum, and I've been searching technorati and blogdigger nonstop for blog commentary.  Some of you took the code immediately into production -- bloggers like Paul and Vince are running Domino 8 beta now!  Others, like Nathan, have already posted five entries about new features in ND8.

So after reading everything that was written, what do you think?  There's a lot of buzz out there of the type "wow, I've got it, it's cool" -- but so far, not a lot on specifics.  I take this as a good sign -- there's so much to consider about the beta.  So pulling up a level from the bug reports that have been filed so far, what do you think overall?

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