As other bloggers have announced, we posted FixPack 1 for Notes/Domino 8.5 over the weekend.  I don't see it on FixCentral yet, but you can get there through IBM Lotus support downloads.  A preliminary and partial fixlist is here.  As that website says,

IBM strongly recommends upgrading to the latest Fix Pack, since Fix Packs address a small percentage of defects that impact the broadest set of customers. This is a scheduled Fix Pack of a limited number of low-risk/high-impact fixes to help customers safely avoid known problems. Fix Packs are released periodically between Maintenance Releases to provide a greater level of stability for customer environments. 8.5 FP1 may be applied to any language version of Domino 8.5.
Since shipping 8.5, the development team has been aggressively addressing SPRs -- some of them long-standing -- for Notes/Domino.  In part this is the benefit of focusing primarily on the 8.5 codestream going forward.  I won't post the number of SPRs that have been fixed in this fixpack or the number that are addressed so far in the 8.5.1 effort, but it's substantial.  That our development team is agile enough to do that while also adding some key enhancements to 8.5.1, such as XPages in the client, new editors and XPages improvements in Designer, iPhone support in Traveler, and usability enhancements, is incredibly impressive.

(Update): One minor additional point on the fixpack -- the filenames will be fixed, hopefully by tomorrow, with full long descriptive filenames.  Everyone had signed off on doing so going forward but we missed somewhere along the way.  It'll get done.  Update x2: The final fixlist is posted.

I've been dropping hints of late on 8.5.1 status.  We just did an updated code drop to our design partners (managed beta customers will continue to get code drop 6, until we sync back up at code drop 8), just a few weeks after the last one.  The development and product management teams have been interacting with both design partners and managed beta participants in our forums on a daily basis.  The feedback has been especially helpful, both good and bad.  One particularly notable accomplishment -- the number of defects reported externally from the Lotus Notes Traveler implementation of ActiveSync for iPhone has been in the single digits.  Nice job to the Traveler team.

At next week's IamLUG, Mary Beth Raven will take everyone through what's new in the 8.5.1 client, and we'll also examine the rest of the improvements in other sessions.  Our release target is on the order of 75 days away...obviously that isn't etched in stone yet, but we have a lot of efforts driving towards what will be a key update to all of the Notes/Domino products.

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