Lotus Knows there will be a lot of press and blog coverage of the Notes/Domino 8.5.1 announcement on Tuesday, October 6... this blog entry will track it all.

USA Today, Technology Live: IBM makes iPhone more attractive to businesses:

Tech industry analyst Michael Osterman, president of Osterman Research, says the folks at Apple should be popping champagne. "This could be a major boon for Apple by making the iPhone that much more attractive to corporate IT departments," he says.

Conversely, Microsoft is probably less than charmed. The software giant  would like nothing better than for all of its corporate customers to exclusively use Windows Mobile smartphones securely hooked into Windows, Office and Outlook Exchange. "This could definitely hurt the Windows Mobile strategy," says Osterman.

Network World: Lotus simplifies client licensing; makes Designer free:
IBM officials say giving away Designer was a major step toward expanding development on the Domino platform. The tool was originally built into the Notes client in its very earliest releases. The tool eventually became a separate offering that carried a price tag of $864.

"When we started to sell to IT more, when Lotus was bought by IBM, we put the Designer into a separate product and it took it out of the hands of the power users, the people who are in the line-of-business and really sort of isolated Notes application development to this specialized universe," says Ed Brill, director of product management for Lotus Software. "What we are really trying to do by giving it away free is democratizing it again and getting it out into the hands of everybody."

InternetNews: IBM brings collaborative Notes to iPhone:
IBM on Tuesday announced the release of a new version of its flagship Lotus Notes collaboration software that supports the iPhone's built-in e-mail client software and lets users incorporate their Notes contacts and calendar with other iPhone applications.

IBM (NYSE: IBM) already provides support for the full spectrum of mobile devices including RIM's BlackBerry, Nokia's Symbian and a variety of Windows mobile devices. It said Lotus Domino 8.5.1 is the first version of the software to natively support the iPhone via Lotus Notes Traveler software. ... IBM officials point out that thousands of companies worldwide rely on the 10 million Lotus Notes and Domino applications used for sales projections, compliance, project management and travel approvals.

To ensure enterprise customers continue to renew their e-mail, productivity and collaboration licenses, Big Blue said Tuesday it will now begin giving away its Domino Designer software tools for free.

Network World: Native iPhone support ready for Lotus Domino:
"It has rich email, attachment support and calendaring capability and is the same user experience a user would get using the iPhone against Exchange or Google," said Ed Brill, director of product management for Lotus Software. "Clearly the iPhone is increasingly a component of an enterprise strategy. We want to support all the devices out there and this is the next one we have added."

MacNewsWorld: How High - or Long - Can AAPL Fly?
Big Blue's support could be a major boost for the iPhone. It further legitimizes the use of the device for enterprise mobile communications -- previously, iPhones have often been sneaked in through the back door when high-level executives insisted on using them as their corporate communications devices.

PC World: Lotus Domino Adds Native IPhone Support:
With the addition of native support for the iPhone, Domino and Notes are supported on the vast majority of the world's smartphones, IBM said. The software already works with the Microsoft Windows Mobile, Research In Motion BlackBerry, and Nokia Symbian platforms. On Tuesday, IBM also added features for Symbian, including the ability to lock a device, wipe data remotely, manage passwords and integrate with external calendars. Those features are already available for Windows Mobile, the company said.

With Domino 8.5.1, IBM also is making Domino Designer application development software available free of charge. Software developers will be able to download Domino Designer free from IBM's developerWorks site to build and extend Notes and Domino applications.

The Register: IBM adds iPhone support to Lotus Domino:
IBM hopes adding support for the very popular iPhone will make its Lotus suite more appealing to enterprises. And to that tune, the company has also decided to cut away its client licensing options from 11 to just two based on function rather than client type.

As part of 8.5.1, IBM will offer two client options; the messaging server license, which allows access to Domino email calendar and scheduling for $100 per user; and the enterprise server license, which adds support for custom intranet and web applications for $160 per user.

IBM's Domino Designer development tool will also now be offered gratis to spur more development on the platform.

(Updated: 6:55 PM  / 6 October 2009)

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