About once a day right now, I am getting questions about the longetivity of the current release of Notes/Domino. It turned out our support page was caught between two policies; an old one that said that we supported a release for a minimum of five years and then had extended support for an additional three years, and a new one being phased in that says that a product will be supported for its current and the previous two feature releases. The old policy could have concluded Notes/Domino 8.5 support fairly soon, but as we continue to update this codestream, there has been no discussion of an end of support date. As such, I asked that we publish a technote projecting as far in the future as we could get away with:

The EOS date for these products has not been planned. Based on IBM's commitment outlined at the IBM Software Support Lifecyle Policy, 8.5.x versions of Notes, Domino, LEI, and related products will not reach EOS before September 2016. 

Any official EOS date for 8.5.x will be announced a minimum of 12 months prior to an EOS date. Going forward we intend to provide support for the current version and two previous versions.
Hopefully that clears things up. In the coming weeks we will announce further details around the lifecycle for the forthcoming planned Notes/Domino Social Edition.

Link: ibm.com: When will 8.5.x versions of Notes, Domino, LEI & related products reach End of Service/Support? >

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  1. 1  Scott Vrusho  |

    "4 more years"? How timely. Notes Domino for president!

  1. 2  Erik Brooks  |

    "...a product will be supported for its current and the previous two feature releases."

    "Feature release" is a fairly muddled term these days, since there have definitely been significant features in 8.5.1, 8.5.2, 8.5.3, etc.

    Are Notes/XWorks Server 8.5.0 through 8.5.4 all considered the "same release" for the discussion of support EOL?

  1. 3  Scott Vrusho  |

    @2 - Erik, IBM is measuring it at the 1st digit in this context. Theoretically, if you had a 1, 1.5, 1.6, 2, 2.1, 3, 4. Only the 1, 2, 3, 4 count as Version Feature releases.

    Scott - IBM

  1. 4  Craig Wiseman http://www.wiseman.la/cpw |

    It might be easier to put EOL as 12/21/2012.

  1. 5  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    @4 exactly why I have planned a vacation in Mexico starting that week!

  1. 6  Erik Brooks  |

    @3 - So then if you're supporting the "current and previous two releases" then that would be: 8.x, 7.x, and 6.x right?

    Except Domino 6.0 isn't supported anymore right?

    Kinda confused....

  1. 7  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    @6 this is a policy transition, we're certainly not going to go revive old versions. But going forward it would mean that 8.x would be supported along with 9 and 10.

  1. 8  Joe Brender http://www.cbservices.org |

    Ed, thanks for posting that. My company usually keeps current these days, but its nice to have an idea of "how long we have" for strategic planning purposes, if we decide to get behind the curve.

  1. 9  Brian Pletcher  |

    We are constantly battling "architecture" people that say the Lotus Notes isn't a stategic focus for IBM, do you have anything to combat that Ed?

  1. 10  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    @9 If it wasn't strategic, why would we go through the efforts of naming this new release "Social Edition" and marketing it as a major release?

    We'll have more to say on this as we move towards the next beta , but I'm happy to talk with any organization about the focus of Notes/Domino, which is one of the largest single products in the IBM software portfolio today.

  1. 11  David Clover http://mct.open.ac.uk/it-dev-blog.nsf |

    Version 8.5.4 of Notes/Domino ships in January (possibly). It will contain a new version of discussion8xl.ntf which fixes some serious flaws relating to searching for items in the db on the web XPages version. These have been reported and fixed under SPR # RGAU8VGF6Q and # RGAU8VGF6Q. Is there a chance that this fixed version can be released now - perhaps via OpenNTF? It is embarrassing to have such a very useful tool in front of managers which doesn't quite work as it should. Thanks Ed. Yuo do a great job.

  1. 12  Scott Vrusho  |

    @14 - I know Ed never replied to you, but the platform being used is IBM Domino! We have a blog template that comes with the product. We have trials to download from the below URL if you want to install a Domino 9.0 Social Edition server and create a blog off of the blog template.

    { Link }

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