Thanks so much for over 100 comments worth of valuable input on where we should be taking Notes/Domino in the future. We took this chart into the meeting as one of many inputs, coming from readers:

 Image:Notes/Domino future roadmap workshop

Other inputs included the design partners, feedback from events like Lotusphere, competitive analysis, SPRs/APARs/PMRs, strategy coming down from IBM software group at large, sales input, and many many many other input vectors. Triaging for a mass-market product is always one of the most fun, but most challenging, parts of product managing.

Obviously, I can't telegraph my future roadmap to the public market at this phase. So, talking about the outcomes of this meeting on the blog, or even at this phase with design partners, is pretty much impossible. We also roped off application development and mobility to mostly be separate topics for subsequent workshops, and thus focused on client, server, and SmartCloud Notes.

We had many very good discussions about what a rich client needs to be in the future, with the future being deployments in 2014-2017. We talked about the role of HTML5 vs. an installed client, we talked about iNotes and Connections/"social mail", we talked about mobility, we talked about Eclipse, we even talked about Outlook. On the server side, we talked through the capabilities that have been built for SmartCloud Notes and their applicability to the premises product, we talked about TCO (total cost of ownership), we talked about architectural limitations. We had a great business discussion about ways to improve our offerings in market, including branding, packaging, licensing, bundles, and all those other usual vectors. We had a good discussion about market segmentation and growth opportunities, and our sales and marketing teams provided input on what's working and what isn't.

Our drive to Notes/Domino "9", "10", etc. continues from here. The leadership team will come back together in August, and then present our anticipated plans initially at our Leadership Alliance meeting in October. I expect you'll see some of the decisions play out even sooner than that.

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