's coverage of the Notes/Domino 8 release last week had some interesting stuff in it on Lotus's relevant position in the market.  The reporter seems to have talked to several analysts about market share, each coming up with different answers.

First, there's Gartner:

Gartner estimates Microsoft's Outlook and Exchange software is used in approximately 62 percent of all corporate seats compared to just 26 percent for Notes and Domino.
These numbers are from a survey which Gartner conducted in English on late in 2006.  Only 400 responses were counted, from seven (or less?) countries, none of which were in Asia (for example).  And they differ wildly from Gartner's own Dataquest numbers, which are based on a methodology used for measuring market share in all software categories.  Gartner Dataquest has just published their 2006 numbers, which for some reason, were not provided to this reporter.  Anyway, if you want more background on this Gartner survey, which seems to come up a lot in customer engagements, contact me offline.

Then there's Radicati, with an apples-to-oranges comparison of Notes/Domino users to Outlook users (whether or not they are in a corporate Exchange environment).  Ah well.

But the important bit comes next in the article.  IDC, whose analysis is so trusted by the industry that Microsoft has published the previous two IDC e-mail market share reports on, is cited (emphasis mine):
Penny Scharfman, IBM's program director for Lotus Notes and Domino products, said IBM isn't ready to cede to Microsoft the lion's share of the market, which is projected to grow to more than 1.5 billion corporate e-mail accounts by 2011. She said IBM is actually gaining on Microsoft.

"We have totally turned that around," she told "We're maintaining a very strong second place. We'll win some of the competitive accounts (versus Microsoft). What it's going to take is for us to show how serious we are and how committed we are to the long term."

IDC issued a report this month that illustrates Notes/Domino increased its share of the integrated collaborative environments market last year to 40 percent, up from 39 percent in 2005. Outlook/Exchange's share of the $2.4 billion market slipped to 51 percent from 53 percent over that same period.
Yes, you read that right.  According to IDC, during 2006, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino gained share, while Microsoft Outlook/Exchange declined.  

Guess that 11 consecutive quarter track record of growth for Notes/Domino is reflective of the broader market after all!  What great momentum to carry forward into the Notes/Domino 8 release!

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