Last week, IBM held a Notes/Domino software design review in our labs in Westford, Massachusetts.  A number of customers and business partners were invited to discuss the plans for the next major feature release (and beyond) of Notes and Domino.  The information shared was covered by non-disclosure agreement, so you won't see much written about it.  But I wanted to give the development team, and the partners and customers who participated, a big-time public shout-out, because even without being there, it's clear to me that this meeting was a huge success.  

I received numerous proactive "wow that was amazing" e-mails and pings over the course of the session.  Nathan Freeman blogged about several of the cool things seen and discussed (and even somehow managed to barely stay within the bounds of his NDA, pretty impressive).  I heard over and over about three or four significant plans for Domino's next release and how great they'll be.

So, for those who weren't there -- make your plans now for Lotusphere 2008.  I think you'll be impressed to see how we follow up Notes/Domino 8 and the already-announced 8.0.1 plans.

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