Apparently I missed the memo that I could have presented at this conference in jeans!

(Photo: Martin Humpolec -- Thank you for your camera lens, looks like I've lost weight!)

I'm sitting now with hundreds attending Mary Beth Raven's session covering Notes 8.5 and beyond.  She's getting applause for her team's work, and justifiably so.  Some really great incremental stuff coming in 8.5, and good ideas for future releases beyond that.  She's also managed to not kill anyone while throwing frisbees, USB sticks, and other goodies out during her presentation.

My presentation on Notes/Domino - The Road Ahead was delivered just before lunch.  I used the presentation I gave yesterday at DNUG (right down to the presentation template still saying DNUG), but here I added a few "history lesson" slides for nostalgia's sake.  At any rate, the full presentation is now posted, and available for download, on SlideShare:

I had forgotten to discuss the 8.0.2 Notes client performance improvements, but thankfully Mary Beth covered details in her session.  At least a 50% reduction in the startup time, reduction in memory footprint, and other enhancements to the startup and overall performance.  Again, she got the applause on that.

More from Dublin later...

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