Last week, Novell announced the beta of Groupwise 7.  In the press release and a few articles on the topic, Novell indicated their commitment to support GroupWise through 2015.  I'm not sure what that really means, since it's pretty hard to predict the technology that will be relevant and appropriate ten years into the future, but it is a bold statement.

In my customer meeting yesterday, it seemed that IBM's long-term commitment to Lotus Notes was a major component of the discussion.  Based on the imminent release of Notes/Domino 7 (last public beta should be coming any day now), the public announcement of Lotus Notes "Hannover", and the roadmaps discussed publicly by the Lotus executive team, we were able to indicate that IBM is committed to Lotus Notes for the next five+ years.  Is that enough?  Or is Novell onto something, admittedly defensive, by making a ten year commitment?  And how will that commitment truly be demonstrated?

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