Now running Sametime 7.5

March 14 2006

This morning, I had the chance to install alpha 2 of Lotus Sametime 7.5.  The install was quick and easy, and now I'm up and running on the new release....

Buddy list:

Image:Now running Sametime 7.5

Here we have the new buddy list UI.  A few things you notice right away --

  • Updated UI
  • Easy access to setting my current status
  • A location setting -- displayed to other Sametime users -- which can then be used for place-based awareness as well as location-specific services (what printers are available, conference rooms, and what's on the cafeteria menu)
  • A right click option to call, via VoIP services
and here was my first Sametime 7.5 chat. (three separate images -- had to chop out some of the chat)
Image:Now running Sametime 7.5
Image:Now running Sametime 7.5
Image:Now running Sametime 7.5

A few cool things to notice:
  • Tons of information about the person I'm chatting with -- full name, title, their Sametime status, and a picture pulled from our corporate LDAP directory
  • Alternating colors, and indented text, to indicate flow of the chat
  • Single click action buttons to add user to buddy list, add others to the chat, capture part of my screen and send it in the chat, call via VoIP, and send a file
  • Full text editing capabilities for my chat, including fonts, colors, and emoticons...and an in-line spell checker.
One of the most interesting things about the Sametime 7.5 client is that it has a plug-in architecture.  IBMers are already building plug-ins for things like polling, application sharing, and more.  I'll be watching the plug-ins page to see what else comes along as we get closer to release.

Lots of information about Sametime 7.5 is available now -- Link: Lotus Sametime -- The future is in sight >

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