• A Chicagoan can eat New York pizza and live to tell about it.  Not a bad slice for <$3.
  • The Intercontinental Barclay is a beautiful hotel, but I was in the worst possible room.  Lowest guest room floor. Right above the main entrance -- thus subject to bellman's "taxi call" whistle at all hours.  With a birds nest in the decorative balcony outside the window -- thus birds cooing at 5 AM.  The service was very good, though.
  • Oh, and it's always annoying when a hotel's bath has a slow or clogged drain.  Shouldn't that be on the basic checklist?
  • Paying $5 for a candy bar in the minibar is obscene.  Thankfully, it's New York, and the 24-hour "deli" across the street sells a replacement for 89 cents ;)
  • On the other hand, I love the upscale New York food markets.  Dinner last night was from the Amish Market on 45th, and their carrot ginger artichoke soup was very good.
  • Why aren't there any pedestrian crosswalk signals on Park Avenue (in the 40s)?
  • I could spend days in B&H Photo and be very, very happy.  This week, that's not practical as they will be closed for Purim on Friday (and the kindred cashier wished me well for the holiday). Thanks for the tip, Kathleen

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