Off for a few days

July 2 2009

It's been pretty quiet on the blog side of things for a couple of weeks, mainly due to some short vacation stretches, but also the intensity of the end-of-quarter period and other goings-on in my personal life.  There's some irony to the silence, because the last two weeks have seen an incredible amount of interesting activity at work -- finalizing the business plan for Notes/Domino 8.5.1, starting discussions around "Notes 9" (in quotes because no formal announcement has been made), getting Symphony 1.3 out the door, seeing some great activity for products like Alloy, and looking at requirements for the next version of our hosted Notes offering, LotusLive Notes V2.  Oh, and I've been discussing with my colleagues in marketing about some cool new end-user awareness work they have in the pipeline...working on a guest blogger to tell you about this.

On the other side of a few days' vacation I have an important customer meeting and then three days of exec-u-training at the IBM Learning Center in Armonk, NY.  Things will continue to be a little quiet on the blog for another week or so.  I'm hoping that the intensity of schedule will build up a pipeline of blog topics...with all of the above going on, seems like there should be a lot to say.  Some of it is still "too early" but I think it will be worthwhile to bring some of these topics out for discussion soon.

For my American readers, have a safe and happy holiday.  For all, keep an eye on my Twitter stream for more frequent bits of news and discussion.

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