Off to Spain

March 7 2010

Near as I can tell, it has been more than seven years since I was last in Spain.  Madrid, more like ten years.  I barely had discovered blogging at the time of my last visit. As such, I can't wait to get there tomorrow morning and start the day with some churros y chocolate.

The Lotusphere Comes to You events are on Tuesday in Madrid and Thursday in Barcelona.  I agreed, as blogged earlier, to deliver my presentation en español.  While I studied Spanish in high school and college, it has been a very long time since I really used any of it, other than in a restaurant at any rate.  I ended up writing out my entire presentation -- like having a teleprompter, but on paper instead.  I hope the customers/partners in Spain will be forgiving of my scripted approach and Latin Spanish.

The ESLUG community has been wonderful in encouraging this trip, and I am looking forward to in-real-life meetings with so many of the people I've met online over the last few years.

Twitter followers know that I am, of course, looking forward to food as well.  Already discussing plans to visit El museo de jamón, not a literal museum, but a shrine to all things porcine.  The real question will be my stamina..."dinner time" is a very different concept on the Iberian peninsula.

Hasta luego and see you from Madrid!

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