Google highlights yesterday's IBM announcement...

This means that Google Talk and Lotus Sametime IM users can simply invite one another to chat, bringing together enterprise and personal IM users around the world. If you use Lotus Sametime at the office and have colleagues who use Google Talk, now you can chat with them. Similarly, if you're a Google Talk business user you can now add professional contacts who use Lotus Sametime to your Friends list -- just some of the benefits of interoperability.
I was almost more interested in reading the "links to this post", which included one Microsoft MVP applying the logic that this interoperability is a security/confidentiality issue, and therefore Lotus Sametime users should switch to Office Live Communications Server -- which has been shipping a gateway to AIM, YIM, and MSN Messenger for a while (albeit at an extra charge per-user).

Link: Official Google blog: Chatting with Lotus Sametime >

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