I was going to write a whole blog entry about our exciting Notes partnership with Tungle, and its implications now and into the future of IBM Project Vulcan, but ZDNet's Oliver Marks did it for me:

The challenge of adopting multitudes of innovative 2.0 and mobile applications is that they may make you more efficient as an individual but scaling use to multiple people can be very challenging.

An example might be Tungle, the slick lightweight scheduling software that works across browser and iphone. Like many 2.0 offerings, for scheduling small groups Tungle is a wonderous thing. you can daisy chain Tungle so it speaks to your Microsoft Outlook, Google calendar, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Ning, Twitter, iphone & ical, and now as a beta with the venerable Lotus Notes.  ...

Tungle's Notes integration beta aims to lighten the glacial speed issues of some Notes installs while adding flexibility by speeding meeting scheduling. The bigger question is whether integrations such as this will ultimately make sense in the overall time-is-money equation.

I would say that a mandate to improve business with good organization, Tetrising newer applications into the jigsaw so they work well with legacy infrastructure, will almost always yield results. It’s sometimes surprising how limited that mandate can be due to turf wars, the other time efficiency killer for technology scaling solutions of all shapes and sizes.
The "glacial speed point" is about the upgrade rate of some organizations that remain on back-level Notes versions, not the product itself.  At any rate, I met with Tungle yesterday (you'll soon be able to tungle.me/edbrill) and am excited about their calendar integration into Notes 8.  It solves a lot of problems for me, and that personal productivity boost is a real leap forward.  Encourage you all to check it out.

Link: Oliver Marks: Time and Identity Management >
Link: Tungle Blog: Tungle.me for Lotus Notes -- Beta connector now available >

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