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May 15 2011

Earlier this week, announced an XPages developer contest, sponsored by We4IT.

With this contest OpenNTF and We4IT want to increase the number of XPages open source controls to help with the adoption of XPages. Stefan Sucker, CEO, We4IT GmbH, emphasizes that "XPages will soon be the key development model for applications based on IBM Lotus Domino. Providing more core controls and modules is important to build web and mobile applications rapidly." Bruce Elgort, OpenNTF chairman, said: "OpenNTF's first development contest is something I am truly excited about. There are so many cool XPages apps and custom controls being developed that it seemed like an excellent opportunity to establish some type of contest that rewards developers for their efforts. I would like to thank We4IT as our inaugural corporate sponsor for the contest."
Prizes are nice:
Each of the three winners will get an Apple iPad, either the 64 GB Wifi version or the 32 GB 3G version.

The winners will be invited to present their controls at an OpenNTF Steering Committee meeting with executives from various companies.

OpenNTF will also create videos and screenshots (if not done by contributors), blog about these controls and have them put on
Why do I think this is important? Clearly I've been on a drumbeat this year that if you are a Domino developer, you should learn XPages. In the coming months, you will hear more about improvements my team is making for Domino to improve its commercial success as an XPages application server. We've started some of that work already, and during the course of this year you have seen things like the incredible reviews for the Mastering XPages book, which writer Chris Toohey described as "The most important published work for the IBM Lotus Notes Domino Application Developer." You also see efforts like TLCC's to help developers learn XPages, including a free course in learning XPages and also the cross-Canadian Intro to XPages workshop on 31 May. Seems like the time is now.

Contest details at >

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