There are many examples of "killer apps" for the Internet -- sites that have changed the way we live.  eBay, Amazon, Google, you know the drill.  I want to add one more to the category of killer apps on the list --  If you enjoy eating out, OpenTable will shorten the distance between you and that hot Saturday night restaurant booking.  

It's a better deal for both parties --  a restaurant gets to advertise availability (showing that you can get a table, even at the "hot" restaurants) and the customer has point-and-click ability to book the table.  Never has it been so easy.  The restaurant also has an ongoing way to communicate with their customers -- a CRM system without having to worry about "join our mailing list!" slips.  Very cool.

We've been able to try out a few new restaurants in the last few weeks as a result.  Last night's was a real highlight at a fantastic Chicago restaurant called Sweets and Savories.  This small place (about a dozen tables) seemed like it might be tough to get into.  The online booking made it much more approachable.  And the restaurant reciprocated -- when we walked in, the waiter/host asked for the name on the reservation, and when I replied "Brill", he said "Ed?" right away -- without consulting a list.

At this moment, sports 6,000 restaurants worldwide.  They claim a million people a month pass through their system.  I'm here to encourage more of you -- and enjoy some great restaurants, just a few clicks away.

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