Opting In, a month in

March 3 2013

OK technically it has been about six weeks since the book really shipped, but a month since launch at IBM Connect 2013. Close enough either way.

My first book, Opting In: Lessons in Social Business has already hit many of my personal goals. Just having a book in print checked it off the bucket list. Some of the more memorable moments since publication have included making various Amazon "hot seller" and bestseller lists, the book signing at IBM Connect, and presenting a session about the book with Marcia Conner. We tried to have a book release party here in Chicago, but it turned out to be the then-snowiest night of the year. Still it was wonderful that 20+ friends and family showed up; for the other 30-40 of you who couldn't make it, I think a spring barbecue will be in order.

For those still reading or thinking about it, I hope you will take the opportunity to continue down that path. Business books by nature are not page-turners, and it's easy to get distracted from considering them a cover-to-cover journey. Since the book was written sequentially, I think it gets better as it goes. Also, for those in the "Lotus community," I think you will find yourself and your memories throughout the book -- figuratively or perhaps even literally. There are still a few easter eggs hidden in the book that appear to have not yet been discovered, anywhere from the acknowledgements to the appendix.

Last week at IBM Partnerworld Leadership Conference, I had a chance to do a short five-minute video interview about the book with Paul Gillin. In the next few weeks I'll have a chance to do a product management-focused podcast and webinar about the book, and I am speaking at the Social Media Strategies Summit in April.

I'm forever grateful to those who have left Amazon.com reviews of the book thus far (both those I know and those I don't), and would truly appreciate it if others of you who have finished the book could take a few short minutes to leave your own impressions. Honestly, if the Amazon approach isn't right for you, I'd welcome your feedback right here on this blog post.

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