I was a little unprepared yesterday morning when Jim Casale emailed me and said, "Ed, your ebook is out!"

Sure enough, IBM Press Books had released the ebook download of Opting In: Lessons in Social Business from a Fortune 500 Product Manager.

My book had been published!

Within a few hours, the Kindle edition was available, as well as the Nook book.

(The paper copy can still be pre-ordered on any of those sites as well).

I wasn't expecting the ebook to be released for about two more weeks, thus my somewhat surprised-sounding Twitter and Facebook reactions. Still, the feedback yesterday was wonderful, including the very first review of the book, from Kevin Winterfield. Many more encouraging comments. I was fortunate enough to be in an actual face-to-face meeting with my Social Business product management peers, and Rebecca Buisan, Heidi Ambler, Bethann Cregg, Brendan Crotty, Gary Dolsen, and Brian Chaput stopped the meeting we were in to recognize the moment.

It's very cool to be "holding my book" on my iPad. The last version I had seen from IBM Press was the camera-ready PDF, which wasn't quite the most readable format. Seeing it all in final form was really great.

I'm sure I will be more excited when I have a physical copy; that tactile feeling of one's work in one's hands can never really be replaced. Still, the most common question or concern people have about the ebook is that I can't sign a copy for them. It turns out, there is a close approximation of that solution - a site called authorgraph.com. (HT: John Roling) I signed up for the service, which means I can offer digital autographs for Kindle/ebook readers. Very cool.

For those coming to IBM Connect 2013, I will be signing print copies of the book on Monday, January 28, at 6 PM in the bookstore in the product showcase. Also on Monday the 28th, foreword writer Marcia Conner and I will be speaking in session INV201, "Opting In: Social Business for Smarter Work" at 3:45 in the Swan Ballroom. Marcia and I spent a day together earlier this week working on the session, which will feature an interactive dialogue and very few slides. I'm hoping you will join us.

Thank you to all my contributors, quote sources, editors, and reviewers! Hopefully all your names are in the book. I'm looking forward to feedback from readers, especially from the "Lotus community" - these are our stories, together. I hope you will enjoy reading about them as much as I did reliving them through the writing process.

Link: amazon.com: Opting In >

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  1. 1  Tony Lee  |

    Nice work, will be getting it after this message. Also inspires me to be a creator, not just a consumer.

  1. 2  Andrew Mihulka  |

    Hi Ed,

    Congrats!! Wasn't expecting it so soon :). Here comes a few weeks of reading!

  1. 3  Vitor Pereira http://www.vitor-pereira.com |

    Any idea why the Kindle edition would be more expensive than the paperback?

  1. 4  Ed Brill http://www.edbrill.com |

    I've been told by other authors that the mystery of Amazon pricing is one not to be understood. In the US, the Kindle price right now is $11.39 and the paper copy price is $13.67 (it started at $16.50). Yesterday the Kindle price was $11.69 but last week it was $9.99. I believe Amazon is a massive "A | B test" where they test/change prices all the time. IBMPressBooks.com has a more fixed price for both paper and ebook.

  1. 5  Sumeet  |

    Excellent. Many Congratulations!

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