My last blog post about Opting In: Lessons In Social Business from a Fortune 500 Product Manager was about six weeks ago. At that time, the manuscript was complete, the title and table of contents was announced, and the contributors were recognized.

Since that time, the publishing process has accelerated quickly. A peer review cycle took place, with my colleagues Luis Suarez, Jennifer Okimoto, and Jeanne Murray providing feedback. Grammar/spelling/punctuation editing has begun, with that process expected to finish this week. Opting In is now available for pre-order on and other bookselling websites, and this week we are working on a marketing plan.

The target in-print date: January 23, 2013, just in time to be available at IBM Connect 2013. The e-book version should be available around the same time.

The last bits of the book are coming together. I'm pleased to announce today that Marcia Conner, Principal of SensifyWork and a published author herself, graciously agreed to write the foreword. She did an amazing job.

If you don't know Marcia, you should.

Marcia Conner advises executives in some of the world’s largest companies to unite collaborative technologies, analytics, and human energy into the power that drives best-around-the-globe performance. ...

She is a member of Telef√≥nica’s Disruptive Council, a fellow of the Darden School of Business, writes for Fast Company, and speaks at both public and private events throughout the year. ... Marcia has published three books, the most recent being The New Social Learning: A Guide to Transforming Organizations Through Social Media. She is currently working on a new book about human ingenuity.
Working with Marcia in the last couple of months has been a great experience. She, too, provided extremely useful comments to help structure the book, especially the opening chapter. I am looking forward to working with her more as the book is finalized, including at IBM Connect 2013.

Since announcing the completion of the manuscript, the question I've been asked over and over: "How did you write a book so fast?" I guess I didn't really know any other way. Even as a nights and weekends project, I wrote every word (other than the sidebar contributions) myself. I did my own research and interviews. Sure, there were some tense moments, but once I got into the rhythm of writing, it just flowed.

When it's final, I hope you'll enjoy the book as much as my colleague Ellice Uffer, who is part of the IBM Press team:

"Reading manuscript of ‪@edbrill of Opting In - ‪#socialbiz book. Almost weeping at how good it is. Standing O and I'm only on chptr 3."

Comments like that totally make the effort worthwhile. My hope for this book is that it has that impact (well, maybe not the crying part) for all of you.

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