Off topic from IBM/Lotus...

I received a postcard last week that said:

Welcome to our Magazine Program.  It's our pleasure to bring you valuable subscription opportunities and promotions.

You recently accepted an offer through to receive magazines which includes three months FREE.  If they have not arrived already, you will receive your magazines shortly.  For the next term of issues the credit card you previously provided for your selections will be charged annually for ....
My spidey sense went off immediately -- I hadn't signed up for any magazines, certainly not through  I wondered if it was correlated to three US$1 (each) charges on my most recent VISA bill?  Hard to tell.  VISA is already investigating those.

The postcard had an 800 number to call to cancel the magazines.  It was cumbersome, even though it was all voice response.  The computer kept trying to sell me on keeping these magazine subscriptions that I had never ordered.

Weirder yet is that doesn't seem to exist.  So, I have no idea who has which credit card number, what they ordered/bought with it, and whether there's more trouble lurking.  I did cancel my VISA credit card, so hopefully whoever stole whatever information isn't getting far.  But what if I hadn't read the fine print on this post card?  I can only imagine how hard it would have been to track down this company and information.

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